What It Means to Be Non-Binary

The first retailer I've chosen to convince is Everlane. Everlane is an ethical clothing brand that believes that every person can make a difference. They are radically transparent and create quality designs that last. I decided to try and test a  marketing campaign for Everlane and presented the creative brief in class last night for feedback. It’s safe to say that it didn’t go as well as I thought it would.

First, the two group mates I was assigned to have no idea what it likes to be non-binary nor had they done any valuable research on Everlane. To be fair, I pitched the idea to them for our project but I still they should have done their research. During the presentation I realized that one teammate edited all of the photos on our Canvas presentation to represent gay and transgender individuals. Also, both of them had a hard time grasping what it meant to use pronouns. To my dismay, the user persona they came up with stated that this person identifies themselves as “they/them” but later describes themselves as “she.”

Second, the feedback from the audience was quite overwhelming. One classmate started with, “the company I work with does PR for Everlane and I know that they intentionally target men and women as customers and their value is that they use ethical factories.” I nodded my head acknowledging that all of this I knew. She proceeded to ask me “what are you doing and why?” (Even after going through the entire presentation backed by data and research) And then I realized the idea of putting a stake on the ground and taking leadership as a retailer was mind boggling and it left a few people dumbfounded. Some of the audience left us fantastic notes and most were excited about the movement.

Third, I realize now that the only way to convince retailers to go non-binary is if they are a value based company. That is why I chose Everlane as my first target. I will post the final project on this site but in the meantime I’m blogging my journey. I'm looking to put together a group that would like to have some brainstorming sessions with me.

If you’d like to help and/or can offer some feedback please feel free to drop me a note.